I try to dabble a bit on NLP, Data Mining, IoT and RL in this blog. My main aim for creating this website is to convey my learning to a broader audience. All the thoughts and opinions here are my own. You can take look at my CV here.

I am a polyglot who knows to speak in English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Chinese(Mandrain). In case you want to discuss any topics or simply want to say Hi. You can reach out to me on the following platforms:

For suggesting corrections to any blogpost, please open an issue here.

Tech Stack:

  • Machine Learning: Classification, Clustering, Regression, Outlier Detection, Natural Language Processing, Recommender System, Social Network Mining
  • Statistics: Probability, Distribution, Hypothesis Testing, A/B Testing, Regressions, Time Series Analysis
  • Programming language: Python (SciKit-Learn, Pandas, NumPy, Pytorch, Tensorflow), R, C/C++
  • Visualization: QlikSense, Bokeh, Matplotlib, Seaborn

My NLP Research Areas include:

  • Text Classification
  • Data Drift
  • Language Modeling
  • Text Generation
  • Multilingual NLP

Research Areas which interest me and spend my free time in are:

  1. NLP work on Low-Resource Languages with focus on Indic Languages
  2. Reinforcement Learning(RL)
  3. IoT and AI on IoT devices
  4. ML in Cloud

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If you want to contact me for any interesting research or exploration work, please feel free to get in touch via email.

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